Saturday, September 24, 2016

Driftless 50 Trail Race Report 2016: Record Flooding Disrupts Event

Bridge 13 at Kickapoo Valley Reserve 2016
I was very sad to announce that the trails of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve closed due to flooding
of the Kickapoo River on our Driftless 50 Trail Race weekend. Not only did we have trail closures, but also roads were impassable and made it impossible to re-route our runners. For this reason, we were unable to host the Driftless 50 Trail Races this year for the safety of our runners.

Thank you to our runners, volunteers and sponsors who make this event possible every year.

About Driftless 50 Trails

The Driftless 50 Trail Races are staged at Cheyenne Creek Farm and hosted on the trails of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. The race was started in 2012 by the Haydam Family and annually held on the last weekend of September during peak Fall Color season. With challenging hill climbs, technical trail, water crossings and a variety of trail experiences, the Driftless 50 Trail Races offers runners a scenic and unique run through the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, also known as The Driftless Area. Timing is supplied by Grand Bluff Race Management out of La Crosse, WI.

About the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve is a breathtaking network of trails, located in La Farge, Wisconsin with the twisting and turning Kickapoo River making it's way through the center.  The reserve was saved by local groups and ecological preservation groups in the late 70s when a proposal for the La Farge Dam threatened local residents and farms in the area. The reserve is maintained by staff supported by the State of Wisconsin, but most management of the reserve is financed through educational programs, special events and annual trail/hunting permits. Learn more about the history of The Kickapoo Valley Reserve and even more about the historic Kickapoo River in our next blog post.

View Trail Report Here

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