Wednesday, September 26, 2018

REFUEL | Great Places to eat before and after Driftless 50

Hillsboro Brewing Company | Hillsboro, WI
The Goose Barn | La Farge, WI
Some of the most amazing places to recover and refuel your body and feed your soul are here in the Driftless Area.

From the infamous Stacy's Burger at Rockton Bar to the delectable pizza (try the Giant German!) at The Goose Barn in La Farge, these unique local gems offer delicious post-race food and beverage to refuel your body.

Hillsboro Brewing Company has the brew to quench your thirst!

Be sure to check out these great local places for some tasty goodness.

Call First!

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
815 Water Avenue
Hillsboro, WI  54634
Phone:  608-489-7486

La Farge, Wisconsin
S2106 24th Valley Rd.
La Farge, WI 54639
Phone: 608-625-4335 

Rockton, Wisconsin
Rockton Loop Rd, La Farge, WI 54639
Phone:(608) 625-4395

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
186 Madison St, Hillsboro, WI 54634
Phone:(608) 489-2651

Beezer's Bar & Grill
Hillsboro, Wisconsin
1235 Water Avenue, Hillsboro, WI, 54634
Phone(608) 489-3007

Driftless Cafe
Viroqua, Wisconsin
118 W Court St
Phone: (608) 637-7778

Ontario, WI
314 Main St, Ontario, WI 54651
Phone(608) 337-4803

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

STAY: DRIFTLESS 50 Trail Race Accommodations

It really is, simply, a beautiful place. Home of the Driftless 50 Trail Races, our family hosts this annual trail race on the last weekend of September solely for the purpose of inviting you to experience this truly scenic area of Wisconsin. We invite you to see some of the most vibrant and beautiful fall colors in the Midwest at the Driftless 50 Trail Races in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

Join us on the weekend of September 28th, 2019 at Cheyenne Creek  Farm to enjoy the view from the Kickapoo Valley Reserve trails. To give you a better idea of where to stay and play in Vernon County, please check out the list of hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and other unique accommodations.

Rustic Ridge Inn & Campground

This one of a kind little campground offers our runners easy accessibility to the race staging area along with comfortable accomodations. Visitors have the choice of motel, inn or campground at Rustic Ridge. Please call for reservations!

AddressE15765A WI-33, Hillsboro, WI 54634 | 5 Minutes 
Phone(608) 475-1946


Wildcat Mountain State Park | Camping

Non-elec site, fire ring, picnic table, water, possible showers. Rates: $12-$14 per night + Vehicle Day Pass ($7-$10) w/out annual pass.

Ontario, Wisconsin |  5 minutes from Cheyenne Creek Farm.
Wildcat Mountain State Park 


Driftwood Inn Motel

Comfortable, quaint and close to the Driftless 50 Trail Races! Check out this great little motel in the nearby town of Ontario, Wisconsin. 5 Star Reviews!

Ontario, Wisconsin | 9 Minutes


Hotel Hillsboro

Located in Hillsboro, Wisconsin, this convenient hotel has many amenities to make you comfortable before and after your Driftless 50 Trail Race. Hotel Hillsboro offers King & Queen/Double rooms, pool, hot tub, fitness room, pets allowed w/ fee, adjoining bar/restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner (Beezer's). 

CALL FOR RESERVATIONS: 608-489-3000 | 15 minutes from Cheyenne Creek Farm.
1235 Water Avenue, Hillsboro, WI.


Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guest Cabins

Find some of the most beautiful and comfortable accommodations at this incredible guest ranch. Located a short 10 minutes from Driftless 50 Trail Races, this 5 Star ranch will truly be a treat during your weekend stay!

La Farge, Wisconsin | 15 minutes from Cheyenne Creek Farm.
Call to inquire about reservations: 608-625-6222


Trail-Side Bed & Breakfast 

Located adjacent to the Elroy/Sparta Bike trail in Wilton, this unique bed and breakfast will offer you
a comfortable room and hometown amenities all within a short distance from the Driftless 50 Trail races. Contact for availability! Rooms are booking up fast.

Wilton, Wisconsin | 17 Minutes
Phone: 608-435-6525


Westby House Inn & Restaurant

This gorgeous Victorian style inn has amazing accommodations awaiting you in lovely Westby, Wisconsin. Enjoy the entire weekend by booking your stay at this wonderful inn! Check availability..rooms will fill up fast for this weekend.

Westby, Wisconsin | 30 Minutes
Phone: 608-634-4112


Country Pleasures Bed & Breakfast

Another gem in the Driftless Area. Click on the website below to learn more about the lovely country accommodations at this comfortable bed and breakfast near the Driftless 50 Trail Race location.

Cashton, Wisconsin | 20 Minutes

Hope this helps you find an awesome place to stay during race weekend. There is a lot going on up in the Driftless Area so please stay tuned for upcoming posts on where to eat, where to shop and special events happening on this same weekend. See you soon!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Driftless 50 Trail Races | Race Day Information

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday September 29th, 2018 at the DRIFTLESS 50k, Half Marathon, and 5k Trail Races! The race courses this year include the trails of The Kickapoo Valley Reserve and our own Cheyenne Creek Farm Trails. 


E14051 Highway 33
Hillsboro, WI 54634


Friday September 28th, 2018
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pre-Race Check In / Packet Pick Up | Staging Area, Cheyenne Creek Farm
6:00 PM  Runner Meet & Greet / Group Campfire - Bring Your Own Drinks, Food & Chairs!
**CAMPERS: Please check in and wait for assistance to set up. Bring tarps for your tents. Thank you! 
Saturday September 29th, 2018
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM  Check In / Packet Pick Up / Registration
7:30 AM  50k Start | Cut Off: 4:30 PM (9 Hours)
8:30 AM Half Marathon Start:  | Cut Off: 12:30 PM  (4 Hours)
9:00 AM 5k Race Start | Cut Off: 12:00 PM (3 Hours)
11:00 AM  Raffle Drawing <Winner's ticket will be taped to prize. No prizes will be mailed!


The trails of both the Kickapoo Valley Reserve are shared by hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and hunters. Please wear bright colored shirts and yield to mountain bikers and equestrians. Announce to horse riders in a clear, calm voice that you are approaching and let them pass if you do encounter them on the trail. Horses are unpredictable animals and will most likely spook at a runner. Please share the trails!


I will allow headphones for all races this year, however, please be VERY aware of your surroundings while plugged in. Keep your eyes up and try to keep the volume on your device at a minimum. Remember, you will possibly be sharing the trails this year with equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers. They will most likely not see you coming!


The forecast for Friday & Saturday September 28th-29th, 2018 is shaping up to be a CHILLY one! It will be VERY COLD in the morning and rain might be expected. If you dress in layers, during your run, you can leave your item at any Aid Station w/ your Bib # attached for identification. Please do not discard clothing along the trail! 


Please hold on to your energy supplement wrappers, kleenex, water bottles, etc etc until you arrive at an Aid Station. Keep these trails clean.  Please leave no trace! 


 I highly recommend using hand held water bottles, hydration packs and/or vests for the 50k,  and Half Marathon Courses. There are 4 main Aid Stations (runners pass x2) total. 3 for the 50k with 3-4 water stops. The Half Marathon has 1 main Aid Station (runners pass x2) and 2-3 water stops. Please see maps for details and carry enough water to stay safely hydrated.


There are 3 main Aid Stations (runners pass x2) on the 50k course plus 2-3 water stops and access to a port potty just over half way. The Half Marathon has 1 main Aid Station (runners pass x2) 2-3 water stop. The 5k has 1 main Aid Station (runners pass x1) and 1 water stop.

🚑 If you cannot finish the race, please notify the Aid Station Leader and the Sag Wag will come pick ya up! If you need First Aid, there will be First Aid Kits available for superficial treatment (anything more serious and transport via Sag Wag to Medical Tent will be provided).

Aid Stations will be stocked with but not limited to: 

  • Water
  • Coke
  • Bananas & Orange Slices
  • Trail Mix
  • Cookies  
  • Candy | Skittles & M&Ms
  • Pretzels & Potato Chips
  • Bagels
  • Peanut Butter
  • PB&J Sammiches
  • Pickles


Please click the links below to view course maps. We will have maps for runners and spectators at Packet Pick Up/ Registration.

**50k RUNNERS:


Familiarize yourselves with the trails that will be used on your course. You are starting on Cheyenne Creek Trails and heading out to Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trails, ending back at Cheyenne Creek Farm. The trails are clearly marked, but run into many other different (not used) trails on the Reserve Course. Keep an eye out for arrows, ground paint and ORANGE Flags. You are finishing the race on Cheyenne Creek Trails.**  You are encouraged to carry a map! 

Please have your DropBags ready for delivery to the CORPS ROAD AID STATION [ Half Way Point] by 6:00 AM on Saturday morning at Registration/Bag Check.

50k Trails include in this order starting on Cheyenne Creek Trails and heading out along County Rd F

  1. Start Cheyenne Creek Trails
  2. To Cass Valley Road
  3. Hay Valley Trail (HWY F) (Aid Station)
  4. To KVR Hay Valley Trail along Hay Valley Road
  5. Dutch Hollow Trail 
  6. Rockton Trail (Aid Station on Lisney Road
  7. Indian Creek Trail  
  8. Black Hawk Rock Trail  
  9. Bridge 14 Trail  
  11. Hanson Rock Trail to
  12. West Ridge Trail (Aid Station Here on Corps Road)  
  13. Old Hwy 131 Trail to
  14. Rockton Bypass Trail to
  15. Rockton Trail (Aid Station on Lisney Road)  
  16. Dutch Hollow Trail  
  17. Hay Valley Trail to  
  18. WASHOUT Trail  (Sentry) to 
  19. Hay Valley Trail along Hay Valley Road to
  20. Hay Valley Trail (HWY F) (Aid Station) to
  21. Cass Valley Road to
  22. Finish Cheyenne Creek Farm Trails.



You are starting on Cheyenne Creek Trails and heading out to Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trails, ending back at Cheyenne Creek Farm. The trails are clearly marked, but run into many other different (not used) trails on the Reserve Course. Keep an eye out for arrows, ground paint and YELLOW Flags. You are finishing the race on Cheyenne Creek Trails.**

  1. Start Cheyenne Creek Trails to
  2. Cass Valley Road to
  3. Hay Valley Trail (HWY F) (Aid Station)
  4. To KVR Hay Valley Trail along Hay Valley Road to
  5. WASHOUT Trail (Sentry) back to 
  6. Hay Valley Trail along Hay Valley Road to
  7. Hay Valley Trail (HWY F)  (Aid Station) to 
  8. Cass Valley Road to 
  9. Finish Cheyenne Creek Farm Trails.



You are running out on Cheyenne Creek Trails. Your trails are marked with RED Flags, arrows and ground paint.**


Runners will have access to coffee, hot chocolate, pre/post race food and water coolers at the Start/Finish, Aid Stations and Water Stations. Please bring your own water bottles, hydration packs for fill ups.

Thank you again and we'll see you on race day!