Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DRIFTLESS 50 Trail Race Records: The Ones to Beat!

driftless marathon Wisconsin trail race
2014 DRIFTLESS Trail Race Runners
Congratulations to our all time course record holders for all current races! Listed below are the best of the best since 2012. Overall winners for ALL past DRIFTLESS Trail Races are included below the course record holders. We are looking forward to welcoming our new and returning DRIFTLESS 50 Runners this year on September 24th, 2016!

DRIFTLESS 50k Current Record
Nathan Mata  5:19:55 
Current Course Record Holder

DRIFTLESS Marathon Current Record
Brian Jubeck  4:44:34 
Current Course Record Holder

DRIFTLESS  Half Marathon Current Record
David Bresnahan 1:35:16
Current Course Record Holder
driftless trail race wisconsin 50k marathon half marathon
50k Course Record Holder- Nathan Mata

DRIFTLESS 10k Race Current Record
Tanya Eggert    1:04:13
Current Course Record Holder


50k Time:  5:19:55
Nathan Mata
Marathon Time:  4:55:36
Simon Phillips
Half Marathon Time: 1:35:16
David Bresnahan
Driftless Trail Race Presenting Sponsor GORE-TEX
Presenting Sponsor: GORE-TEX
10k Time:  1:06:46
Michael Etteldorf


Marathon Time:  4:44:34 
Brian Jubeck
Half Marathon Time: 1:41:51
Laura Burnham
10k  Time:  1:04:13
Tanya Eggert


Half Marathon Time: 1:41:54 
Gardiner Rynne
10k  Time: 1:09:33  
Jon Bake
5k Time: 0:36:33
Phil Mahoney


10k  Time:  1:40:29 - Robert Jeske
5k Time: 0:27:55 - Chad Juel