Friday, July 24, 2015

Course Record Holders

And so we grow! In 2015, we are super excited to announce our partnership with Rick Huxtable and Tortoise & Hare Race Timing! We have had a lot of fun timing our awesome runners by hand and Mohit and Anna Bakhru have enjoyed keeping track of your blazing speeds, but this year we would like to take our little race to the next level. In addition to finisher medals for all winners of the 50k, Marathon and Half Marathon, we will have a Winner's Circle, Photo Opp Podium and Special Awards for the winners of each race!

Brian Jubeck on Black Hawk Rock Trail
I put together a roster of our current record holders and the winning times for 2013 & 2012. Take a look at who holds the course records and best of luck to our runners this year!

Beth Koopman, Betty DeLass, Jamie Hansbery & Laura Burnham
Brian Jubeck  4:44:34
Current Course Record Holder

Laura Burnham  1:41:51
DRIFTLESS  Half Marathon
Current Course Record Holder

Tanya Eggert    1:04:13
Current Course Record Holder

Tanya Eggert & The Coyotes. Ahhhwooo!


Marathon Time: 4:44:34 
Brian Jubeck
Half Marathon Time: 1:41:51
Laura Burnham
10k  Time:  1:04:13
Tanya Eggert


Half Marathon Time: 1:41:54 
Gardiner Rynne
10k  Time: 1:09:33  
Jon Bake
5k Time: 0:36:33
Phil Mahoney


10k  Time:  1:40:29 - Robert Jeske
5k Time: 0:27:55 - Chad Juel

Thank you to all our runners who have joined us over the past couple years. We look forward to hosting a truly unique trail race for many years to come and we hope to see you all back to join us!