Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top 5 Overall Finishers Driftless Marathon | 13.1M | 10k 2014

A HUGE thank you to all of our runners this year!

We had a great turnout for our Marathon Trail Race and Half Marathon, 10k Trail Races! We are hard at work tallying the results. Next year there WILL be chip timing! In the meantime, I am posting the top 5 overall finishers for the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k for 2014. Course records coming soon!

Enjoy and set your sights on beating these HOT finishing times in 2015!

2014 Driftless Marathon Trail Race-Overall Finishers

1. Bib# 028   Brian Jubeck     4:44:34
2. Bib# 020   Tom Bird           4:48:08
3. Bib# 010   Luke Schmidt    4:48:38
4. Bib# 026   Eric Van Osdol  4:54:36
5. Bib# 025   John Blanchar    4:54:36

2014 Driftless Half Marathon Trail Race-Overall Finishers

1.  Bib# 033   Laura Burnham  1:41:51
2.  Bib# 002   Leif Evenson      1:48:58
3.  Bib# 034   Sam Lehnert       1:49:00  
4.  Bib# 031   Josh Baker          1:54:23
5.  Bib# 013   Betty DeLass      1:56:02

2014 Driftless 10k Trail Race-Overall Finishers

1.  Bib# 010   Tanya Eggert      1:04:13
2.  Bib# 015   Sam Franke        1:11:23
3.  Bib# 005   Beth Koopman   1:11:59
4.  Bib# 009   Vicki Liesenfelt  1:12:47
5.  Bib# 013   Scott Kibler        1:17:25

Stay tuned for the full results listing coming soon...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Driftless Trail Runners: Race Day Guidelines...

Thank you for signing up to run in the Driftless Marathon Trail Races 2014! Below are a few guides and suggestions for running the courses, along with detailed maps.

1. Share the Trails: The trails of both the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and Wildcat Mountain State Park are shared by hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and hunters. Please wear bright colored shirts and yield to mountain bikers and equestrians. Announce to horse riders in a clear, calm voice that you are approaching and let them pass if you do encounter them on the trail. Horses are unpredictable animals and will most likely spook at a runner. Please share the trails!

2. Headphones:  I will allow headphones for all races this year, however, please be VERY aware of your surroundings while plugged in. Keep your eyes up and down, and try to keep the volume on your device at a minimum. Remember, you will possibly be sharing the trails this year with equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers. They will most likely not see you coming!

3. Weather: The forecast for Friday & Saturday September 26-27, 2014 is shaping up to be a good one! It will probably be pretty chilly in the morning. If you dress in layers, during your run, you can leave your item at any Aid Station w/ your Bib # attached for identification. Please do not discard clothing along the trail!

4. Trash & Wrappers: Please hold on to your energy supplement wrappers, kleenex, water bottles, etc etc until you arrive at an Aid Station. Please keep these trails clean. Leave no trace!

5. Hydration: I highly recommend using hand held water bottles, hydration packs and/or vests for the Marathon and Half Marathon Courses. There are 2 main Aid Stations (runners pass x2) on the Marathon Course and 2-3 water stops. The Half Marathon has 1 main Aid Station (runners pass x2) and 1 water stop. Please see maps for details and carry enough water to stay safely hydrated.

6. Aid Stations: There are 2 main Aid Stations (runners pass x2) on the Marathon Course and 2-3 water stops. The Half Marathon has 1 main Aid Station (runners pass x2) 1 water stop. The 10k has 1 main Aid Station (runners pass x1) and 1 water stop. If you cannot finish the race, please notify the Aid Station Leader and the Sag Wag will come rescue you. If you need 1st Aid, there will be 1st Aid Kits available for superficial treatment (anything more serious and transport via Sag Wag to Medical Tent will be provided). Ibuprofen only available upon request!!!

Aid Stations will be stocked with but not limited to:
  • Water 
  • Energy Drink
  • Coke
  • Bananas & Orange Slices
  • Boiled Potatoes w/ Salt!
  • Trail Mix
  • Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies  (mmmmm!)
  • Candy Candy Candy

7. Trail Maps: Please click the links below to view course maps. We will have maps for runners and spectators at Packet Pick Up/ Registration.

**Marathon Runners: Familiarize yourselves with the trails that will be used on your course. You are starting on Cheyenne Creek Trails and heading out to Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trails, ending back at Cheyenne Creek Camp. The trails are clearly marked, but run into many other different (not used) trails on the Reserve Course. Keep an eye out for arrows, ground paint and GREEN Flags. You are finishing the race on Cheyenne Creek Trails.**
View Kickapoo Valley Reserve Map
View Map My Run Map

**Half Marathon Runners: You are starting out on Hwy 33 to County Rd F and following the YELLOW Trail in Wildcat Mountain State Park. Look for YELLOW Flags, arrows and ground paint. You are finishing the race on Cheyenne Creek Trails.**
View Wildcat Mountain State Park Map
View Map My Run Map 

**10k Runners: You are running on Cheyenne Creek Trails and Kickapoo Valley Reserve Billings Creek Trail. Your trails are marked with RED Flags, arrows and ground paint.**
View Map My Run Map 

Thank you and we will see you on race day! Please keep posted for more information regarding The Driftless Marathon Trail Races 2014.

Gretchen M. Haydam
RRCA Certified Race Director/Event Manager

"I like dirt. Hills are fun. Snow, rain, sun...I run."
-Driftless Trail Runner

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DRIFTLESS Marathon Trail Races
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